hey guys!
This is my husbands second tattoo, in this video he shows a step by step on how to care for your tattoo when you get home from the tattoo shop. His previous tattoo he used the same routine and never had it infected. Tattoo artists recommend you to repeat these steps 10 times a day & try to not cover it so air goes through and it heals faster.
1. You need to buy the soap, i use Dial Foaming soap. make sure the soap you buy is unscented (can cause it to irritate your skin if scented.) and make sure its already foamy so you don’t have to rub too long to have it foam up.
2.wash your hands using the soap
3.apply soap directly on tattoo
4.rub soap gently for 15-20 seconds
5.wash off soap with cold water
6.pat dry or air dry. wipe dry it will irritate your skin!
8. on the 3rd day apply unscented lotion to moisturise your skin and prevent it from cracking. i usually use unscented Lumbriderm lotion which can be purchased at any retail store.



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